Warm Weather Marching Uniform

All new band and guard members will need to purchase a band polo during band camp for $20. This is part of our warm weather uniform along with mid-length, navy Bermuda/chino-style shorts (find these on your own online, Walmart, Target, etc.) and clean athletic shoes (preferably white, black or navy – no bright colors). Students will wear this uniform through mid-September.

Formal Marching Uniform

Students will receive a jacket, black pants and a shako (hat). Students must purchase black marching shoes. Students will wear their black uniform pants, black socks and black shoes at home football games and marching competitions.

Refer to these videos for uniform care and hemming: 


CLICK HERE to order black marching shoes and guard shoes, August 1 – September 2. Some used marching shoes are available on a first-come / first-serve basis. If interested in used shoes, email Mr. Moreau with student’s name and size. If you were sized at Mini Camp or Guard Camp in June and have forgotten your size, email Mr. Moreau for that information.

Pants (bibs)

Adjust shoulder straps first. Hem with band shoes on. Use snaps (preferred) or hand sew ONLY. NO iron-on hem tape, NO safety pins, NO adhesives, NO machine sewing
DO NOT CUT THE PANTS! Hem to top of shoe – they will appear “high water”

Pants must be short enough so that the crease doesn’t break. They will barely touch the top of the shoe.


Adjust sleeves with snaps ONLY. DO NOT machine wash, professional dry clean only.


All white calf-length socks with white pants. All black calf-length socks with black pants.
White t-shirt to be worn under bibs. Under shirts must have sleeves, NO camisoles,
NO tank tops, etc.
White shorts to be worn under white uniform.


Store in its box when not worn. Hair must be secured and completely under the hat for all students


Pants are machine washable, wash whites with whites, black with darks.
Use gentle cycle, cold water per uniform manufacturer.
Use ONLY non-chlorine stain sprays (Shout, OxyClean, Zout, etc.) and basic, nonchlorine detergents.
DO NOT use bleach! DO NOT use liquid fabric softener! These interfere with anti-stain coating, and breathability of the fabric. Air dry pants if possible. If using the dryer, use a short cycle on LOW heat and remove promptly when slightly damp.
DO NOT machine wash jacket, professional dry clean only.


Never use hot iron directly on fabric—it will scorch and melt!
Steam only or use an old, clean white pillowcase as a pressing cloth between your
iron and the garment.

Other Notes

Drink water only! DO NOT drink coffee, tea, juice, colored liquids, etc. in uniform!
At the end of the marching season, students are to have the uniform professionally
dry cleaned and turned in with the dry cleaning tags intact!
Realize that the uniform is very expensive. They are designed to last 10 years.
Uniform replacement cost is over $400. The student is financially responsible for the
full uniform. If any pieces are lost or ruined due to neglect, the student must pay for

At the end of the marching season, all the jacket and pants must be dry cleaned. Dry cleaning tags must be attached and the jacket and pants must be returned in the uniform bad on a sturdy hanger. Students also return hats with their uniforms.

Concert Attire

For winter and spring concerts, students will wear black pants or skirt, black shirt / blouse, and black shoes. Socks should be black.