We greatly depend on the aid of our volunteers. If you would like to volunteer in any capacity, please contact Stephanie Wicks at stephkayec@gmail.com.

Current Signups

Descriptions and responsibilities are on each sign-up page.

Opportunities throughout the year

Merchandise Sales
Inventory merchandise (polo shirts, T-shirts, etc). Sell merchandise.

Fruit Sale
Assist with tallying of orders/money throughout the sale. During the sale, help with parking, greet customers, take new orders, and supervise students.

Assist with fitting or mending uniforms as needed. Help pin/adjust uniforms prior to the games and competitions. Help with distribution and return of uniforms.

Spring Banquet
Help organize and set up spring banquet.

Take pictures and videos throughout the season and events. Post items to website and social media or forward to appropriate admins.

Band Camp
In August, supervise outside practices and assist with water, first aid, etc.

Supervise and assist students during travel to and from competitions, at football games, parades & other events. Administer first aid if needed.

Serve refreshments at competitions and other events as needed.

Pit Crew
Move the color guard flags and props, pit equipment, drum major stands and other items not easily carried on and off the field during the home football game halftime shows and the October competitions.